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Ceiling and Attic Insulation

Loose-fill Wool Insulation - an Effective Solution for Attics

Insulating an unoccupied loft or attic with loose mineral wool will give you excellent thermal insulation results. Special equipment blows the wool onto the loft floor or overlay, ensuring an even and tight layer. If there is no floor in the loft, it is necessary to attach a vapour barrier film to the joists from below. This film shall also be reinforced with additional sheets, tapes or panels.

The use of loose wool has several important advantages. First of all, the overlay insulation effectively protects the rooms from heat loss, allowing you to keep your home warm and cosy. Also, the unique structure of loose-fill wool ensures its durability and maintains a high thermal insulation value throughout its lifetime. In addition, the loose-fill wool fills all cavities perfectly, avoiding the formation of cold bridges around beams, pipes or other installations.

It is important to pay attention to proper roof ventilation when insulating with loose-fill wool. As the insulation traps heat, it no longer escapes into the attic, making it cooler. Although cold air does not directly contribute to the formation of moisture, inadequate ventilation can trap it and thus damage the rafters and other roof structures. Therefore, when insulating an attic slab with loose-fill wool, it is essential to ensure that the roof is properly ventilated.

In addition, we recommend the installation of a walkway in the attic. This will allow you to safely walk around the loft, check the condition of the roof or carry out routine repairs without damaging the insulation.
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