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Roof Insulation

Efficient and Long-lasting Insulation

Insulating homes and roofs with loose-fill wool is becoming an increasingly popular choice across Europe because of its versatility and efficiency. This environmentally friendly material has a high thermal resistance, allowing you to reduce heating costs. It is also an excellent sound insulator, reducing noise from both outside and inside.

A fast and sustainable solution

Bulk wool does not fall apart and retains its properties for many years. Professionals use special equipment to quickly and efficiently blow it through small holes in walls or roofs, with minimal disturbance to the occupants. This method is ideal for both renovated and new-build buildings, as it can be used to insulate a wide range of structures - walls, slabs, roofs and framing systems.

Although loose wadding is not a complex material, the best results are achieved using modern equipment and appropriate installation techniques. Our experienced team of specialists ensures:
  • High-quality loose wadding and modern equipment.
  • Fast, efficient and thorough work.
  • Individual needs assessment and solutions.
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