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Affordable Home Insulation Using Loose-fill Wool

Why choose us?

Top Quality Materials

We use different kinds of wool from Knauf Insulation, Isover, Balticfloc, Paroc and Steico.


We will advise you on the best way to insulate your home, so that it is more energy-efficient and comfortable.


Home insulation is our speciality. We have 17 years of experience and strive for the highest quality. We work hard to avoid mistakes to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Pleasant Communication

We care about every customer, no matter how many questions they ask. Our goal is to make sure that all our clients are satisfied when the work is finished.

Fast Response

We plan the time and date of the work according to the client's wishes. If necessary, work can be carried out over several days, including weekends.


We arrive on site at a time agreed with the client; we do not arrive late, and we inform the client in advance in case of any changes.

Clean Work

After completing the insulation work, we clean up our work area.
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