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Steam insulation

Ensure building airtightness and comfort

Steam insulation is an essential part of the insulation of a building, ensuring airtightness on the inside. It offers several key benefits:
  • Heat energy savings: Reducing airflow and moisture penetration into the insulation layer improves the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Stopping moisture build-up: Steam insulation protects the insulation material from moisture, which can cause mould and fungus.
  • Increased comfort: The airtight building reduces draughts and noise from uncontrolled air flows.
We can install and bond A+ and A++ class steam insulating films according to your needs. The vapour barrier film is installed on the warm side of the roof structure and has the following functions:
  • Sealing the roof structure: Prevents moisture and air from entering the structure.
  • Moisture retention: Prevents moisture from entering the insulation layer.
For maximum airtightness, the vapour barrier film is attached to the underside of the rafters with staples and sealed with special tape to ensure a seamless and undamaged film. Careful installation is essential for durability and building performance.
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