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Frame House Insulation

Frame House Insulation Using Loose-fill Wool

Insulating a frame house is a very responsible job. Its walls and roof are the most exposed to the outside environment and thus let the cold in. To have a warm home, it is necessary to take care not only of the insulation material, but also of its protection, with steam insulation on the inside and diffusion film and wind protection on the outside.

Special equipment is used to inflate the insulation materials into closed cavities - the gaps between the frames. The material, which has unique properties, fills the smallest gaps and forms a seamless thermal insulation layer. To insulate a frame house, you will need to drill holes in each of the spaces between the framing members to fill the entire air gap in the framing.

It is recommended to use loose insulation materials such as glass wool, mineral wool, eco-wool or wood fibre wool to insulate the walls of a frame houses.
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